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Contraception Specialist

Obstetrics & Gynecology Li Fan MD, INC -  - Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrics & Gynecology Li Fan MD, INC

Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecologist located in Rancho Bernardo, Poway, CA

If you’re looking to delay pregnancy or have already completed your family and looking at permanent contraceptive options, Dr. Li Fan at Obstetrics & Gynecology Li Fan MD, INC in Rancho Bernardo, Poway, California can help you choose the best contraceptive option tailored to you and your partner’s needs. She walks you through the wide range of temporary or permanent contraceptive choices currently available. Call or book an appointment online to schedule a consultation.

Contraception Q & A

Which contraception will best suit me?

Contraception is not one size fits all but should be carefully chosen to suit your body and lifestyle. Dr. Fan will carefully evaluate your family, medical, and personal history to help you choose the method that’s best for you. Choice of contraception depends on many factors, such as:

  • Number of partners and frequency of sexual activity
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking and irregular work schedule
  • History of migraines or other chronic conditions
  • Personal or family history of cancer
  • Preference for a hormonal or non-hormonal method   
  • Duration of protection needed.

What are the different types of contraceptive services offered?

Dr. Fan offers a wide range of contraceptive services to suit the needs of her diverse patient population. It includes:

  • Barrier methods
  • Hormonal birth control pills
  • Long-lasting reversible contraception and implants like IUD, Nuvaring®, and Nexplanon®
  • Emergency contraception
  • Tubal ligation

Which birth control pill is right for me?

Birth control pills are a go-to choice when you need protection for months instead of years. They’re a combination of estrogen and progesterone or contain only progesterone. Dr. Fan will take a detailed medical and personal history and make a shared decision to help you choose the type of pill best suited for you.

What do I choose if I need long-term protection?

The intrauterine device (IUD) and birth control implants like Nexplanon are excellent choices for long-term family planning. While the IUD is inserted into the uterus, Nexplanon is a small, thin, flexible arm implant and provides three years of continuous protection against pregnancy.

What’s my best choice for permanent birth control?

Permanent birth control is an option for women who have decided not to have any more children. Dr. Fan can help you choose between tubal ligation and other options.

If you are interested in learning about various birth control options, call or schedule an appointment today.